27 July, 2009

20 July, 2009

I can't stand the symmetry

I have been walking past this house for months now. I never noticed it until the umbrellas went up. Is it as bad as I think, or am I just secretely jealous of a terrace with a lake view?

09 July, 2009

My computer screen at work.... notice anything different?

Take a closer look by clicking on the image.

Auto Cad


04 July, 2009

Real cheese burgers for the the 4th!

The Germans are very excited for my 4th of July Barbecue. I was recently asked if it is customary to bring presents to a 4th of July celebration. They wondered because "Its a bit of a birthday isn't it? Maybe some British tea or something would be appropriate?"

I did find, for the first time ever in Uberlingen, yellow cheddar cheese, not American cheese, but yellow cheddar cheese!!!

01 July, 2009

The drive through the coast range...

...from Portland to Cannon Beach and the smell of the air as it changes from sweet to salty just as you cross the last hill.