26 November, 2009

Thanks giving with Friends AND Family

This thanksgiving with both family and friends in Germany, was the first time this year that my heart didn't have to straddle two cities on opposite sides of the globe at the same time. It just felt so warm and fuzzy you wouldn't believe it!

Here are some pics:

Turkey Preparations, we made a few different kinds...

The fruits of our labor. Notice the turkey candle in the back? Mom made that.

Just some of the wonderful friends who joined us to celebrate...

And the fabulous food they brought! What a spread. We asked people to bring their family favorites so we had traditional German food as well as some thanksgiving favorites.

22 November, 2009

Guest Lecture

My Dad wrote a blog post on his site about our travels. You can read it here http://oldmanandthepoop.blogspot.com/

Love you too Dad.

17 November, 2009