25 December, 2009

Christmas in Portland

Just a few pictures from Christmas with the family. Its so good to be home for Christmas.

Some of the lovely aunts, my mom, and Uncle Greg on Christmas Eve

Cousins, My little bro Jeremy and Me.

A few days before Christmas my Dad turned 60, and the little cousins took over a long standing family tradition at my house. The painting of the Christmas windows. They did a fabulous job!

and my mom enjoying a quiet evening by the fire and stuffed stockings.

Last days in little U.

On my last weekend in Ueberlingen, also my birthday weekend, I was given a peach tree to plant in the hills of little U. This way, I was told, I would have to come back to visit in order to try the peaches. It was a lovely gift. without really trying there ended up being a bit of a planting ceremony too. I can't tell you how warm and fuzzy I felt over planting that little peach tree.

For my last night in the little U we ate at a traditional German restaurant in town.
The meal was a bit salty. The company: the best.

It was so hard to leave. I mean physically hard. I felt ill the morning I was leaving Uberlingen and could not have pulled myself together without the help of the loveliest girls in Uberlingen. I will always remember Isa, Birgit and Vanessa smiling at me from the door of the train after they helped me load the bags and just before the train pulled away. It may well be my favorite moment from my year in Germany, not the leaving part, but part where I realized how very lucky I was to have such dear friendships while I was there.