14 August, 2009

Technical Jargon for Landscape Architecture à la Isa

In reference to an earth stabilization detail is said: "It sounds like something to eat when I write 'pre -vegitated roll'".

12 August, 2009

Mannheimer Hütte

This weekend's destination:

I find myself yet again thankful for my good health and functioning tendons.

04 August, 2009

4 months....

I still have Southern France, Austria, Italy, and more of Germany to visit. I'm expecting some visits from dear friends and Family in the fall. There are a few interesting projects yet to tackle in the office. And I still have loads of German to learn... I am having a spectacular year.

So, it may surprise you to hear that I have decided to go out on a good note, to get while the getting’s good, to end on a great play, a home run you might say. I am heading back to Portland in December to for good.

You see, I've got some other dreams that are waiting to come true and a couple thousand over due hugs to collect on.

See you in December.

Bodensee Bike tour

03 August, 2009

Salad Dressing

I know, weird huh? They have it here but... Its just not the same.