29 October, 2008

November 4th

For the many of you who asked if I would be able to vote before I left: It is done. And for Samantha who asked me multiple times if I would be able to vote before I left with a very distinct note of panic in her voice: Yes Sam, I voted, but only once.

I arrive in Uberlingen on November 4th. Most of you will be waking up when I step off the train into what I have been assured is a very adorable German town. It won't be until the 5th that I'll even hear how the election has gone, and that's assuming that we can count this year.

2 days left

26 October, 2008

Adventure Diagrams

In the last few days I've received many wonderful going away cards. A few are especially notable in that they double as excellent examples of good diagramming.

Now diagramming is a tool used by many design fields to communicate information about a design quickly and succinctly. The old phrase, a picture is worth a thousand words is rather appropriate when discussing the merits of a diagram. I would add though that the best diagrams use both images and words to communicate an idea.

Note here how Alex and Clair, my dear coworkers from GreenWorks, were able to capture our adventures in Oregon with some simple graphics and clear labels. I love this graphic! Cick on the image see more detail.

Even more interesting to me is this diagram drawn by my cousin Kellie/ Kellie is a third grader who understands diagramming better than I did as a second year landscape architecture student. Here she has drawn some of my future adventures and travels in "Jermany". I am not so sure I will be skydiving or hang-gliding any time soon but, if you look at the close-up she has drawn (and labeled!), I do seem to be having an awful lot of fun. Again, just click on the image to see more detail.

There just might be room for another designer in this family!

Also, notice the man skirt. I think this may be similar to a utility kilt. I will have to ask Kellie what her design intention was.

Its been pretty awesome to realize how many people I have here in Oregon supporting me. It is suddenly very clear what I am choosing to leave in order to go. I will miss you all and think of you often.

Come to think of it, I've always known that I am incredibly blessed to have the family and friends that I do, otherwise I would have gone a hell of a lot sooner!

4 days and counting....

22 October, 2008

Getting Started

This is mostly a test post. I'm thinking this blog will be mostly a way for family and friends to keep tabs on me. And while I will gladly recount my adventures and experiences that are of amusement to all who know me personally, a fair bit of landscape architecture commentary will be included as well, so they might learn something too.

Please comment and ask questions as much as you like. I expect that I will be evolving the format as I go so feedback is welcome.

Just 8 days to go...