26 October, 2009

taking the easy way...

I just re-read an email I wrote to a friend in August. Hilarious!
I had written her about all the things that were annoying me about living in Germany and how I knew I would miss them after I left but that in the meantime they were driving me nuts! The email was written before my grand European city adventure, when leaving seemed far more like a dream then an imminent deadline.

Now that I am so close to leaving, I'm missing everything before I've even gone. All the little stresses are lifting. I am not worried about work deadlines. The language problems have lessened. I know I get to see my family soon enough. With these stresses ending I am truly free to fully enjoy the good stuff. And oh my God its sooo good here!

How can I leave?! And, in what crazy minute did my rational mind decide that moving halfway around the world and working for myself in recession stricken Portland would be easier than staying in Germany where I've got a year of adjusting under my belt?!

Oh that’s right... I didn't think it would be easier, I thought it would be more exciting (read challenging & fulfilling).

You know, someone once told me that you can't buy experience. I think that's true. But I think it’s also true that you don't have to wait for experience to come to you.
And why would you? Its free for the taking.

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